SMASH: Machine learning for Sciences and Humanities, (01.01.2023-31.12.2027), co-funded under HORIZON-MSCA-2021-COFUND-01

SMASH is a 10 M€ 60-month project coordinated by the University of Nova Gorica.  TU-Varna participates in SMASH with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the SigNautic Laboratory “Research of Underwater Noises, Signals and Vibrations of Marine Vessels and Equipment”.

Based on contemporary machine learning and artificial intelligence methods, the TU-Varna team will study animal communication with a particular focus on dolphins.  Our team is responsible for the data collection activities and developing AI tools for dolphin signal analysis and recognition.  The University of Nova Gorica and TU-Varna will carry out research on understanding the structure and properties of bottlenose dolphin communication.  Festa Dolphinarium Ltd., Varna, will support these activities.

Further information is available here